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Letter of Map Amendment

We help homeowners get removed from the FEMA high-risk flood zone every day.

FEMA has the monumental task of Mapping and overseeing the entire United States in regard to flood zone issues, so mistakes can be made.

Our service works to correct FEMA flood mapping errors in order to remove mandatory flood insurance requirements for individual homeowners.

Your lender does not have the authority to remove the flood insurance requirement for a property in a FEMA high-risk flood zone based on an elevation certificate alone.

Requesting a map amendment from FEMA can be difficult and time consuming. Experienced Mapping Analysts can do the following work for you:

  • Review the property and verify the current FEMA flood zone.
  • Obtain and compile all the public research required by FEMA for the dispute.
  • Submit all available information to FEMA for review.
  • Provide FEMA any supplemental public information required to complete the review of the application.
  • Send you the completed LOMA document removing the structure from the FEMA high-risk flood zone.

“You’ve made my day, …Year. This is the best news!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.” -Ann in Massachusetts